DCA Invest

DCA Invest is founded in 2015 as a part of the DCA Group. DCA Invest is a private equity fund that participates in several companies. These companies must comply with the investment criteria set by DCA Invest for its holdings. Participating interests can range from start-ups to existing concerns, which have direct or indirect added value to the operating companies within the DCA Group. That is why we invest only in companies that are active in the agricultural, financial, price/data or media sector. All this with an online drive and vision.

We are particularly looking at the entrepreneur in the organization and how our various expertise can help this organization grow into a successful business.

Investment criteria

DCA Invest with its participations, it focuses on companies active in the services, media, data and (financial) trade within the agricultural sector. The combination of knowledge, capital and (online) marketing power makes participation come to it’s own. We focus on start-ups as for companies with a strong growth strategy. We are "hands on" investors and look strongly at the entrepreneur within the company. It is not just about the amount of money, but also about mobilizing extensive knowledge and experience. All this is to ensure that the company gains a strong position in its market segment.

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